January 1, 2015

 High Mountain Compost – mushroom substrate, kits, kit refills

                    MUSHROOM GROW KITS

These kits are formulated specifically for growing

mushrooms.The kits use our all organic ingredients:

our rich organic mushroom growing compost and
organic rye berries.


Included in the kit are:


  • 10 lbs. of pasteurized compost
  • 1 growing chamber, pre-drilled for air exchange &
  •      liquid drainage
  • 2 packages of Sterilized Rye berries
  • 1 empty sanitizing spray bottle
  • Full kit instructions, (which can also be read on our
  •     “Using our Compost” page)


Cost of the kit is $155

All parts (excluding compost and rye)

are reusable as many times as you want!        Buy Now!



Our handy kit refills consist of one bag of sterilized

rye berries and one 10lb bag of compost.

Cost is $50, shipped flat rate priority mail.     Buy Now!



Our rye berries are organic, sterilized and sealed

in filter-patch bags. The bags are 1/2 lb. size and

come in a pack of 3 bags @ $19/pack.  One bag is

included in our kit refills and when fully colonized,

this is all that is needed with our 10lb bag of compost,  

to produce a great yield.

We also offer a larger quantity in a pack of 15 bags,

at $66.00/pack.                                                Buy Now!



Shipping is not included in the above prices –

but it will be the cheapest we can find!





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