January 1, 2015
High Mountain Compost – mushroom substrate, kits, kit refills, compost tea

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long will the mushroom compost last after I order?
A: Our mushroom compost will last an indefinite amount of time as long as the
bag is unopened and kept in a cold place, like a fridge/freezer. Once the
sealed bag is opened, the mushroom compost is subject to airborne contamination.
Q: What type of preparation do I need to make to use this compost?
A: None. The compost comes pre-pasteurized and the water content has been
adjusted to the perfect level. To use, simply open the bag and mix with your spawn.
Q: What makes your mushroom compost superior to all other mediums for growing mushrooms?
A: Our compost is designed specifically for growing mushrooms. Over time we have
developed a formula which provides all essential nutrients for growing and fruiting
mushrooms. Mushrooms are the fruit of fungus which grows on decaying matter, and
compost is just that…decaying matter! This decaying matter has been made with
mushrooms in mind.
Q: I’ve seen “mushroom compost” at stores like Home Depot and Lowes,
what is the difference between that and your product?
A: When they say “mushroom compost” what they are talking about is a substance
which mushrooms have been grown on. This is commonly referred to as “spent”,
because all of the nutrients which mushrooms use are not present in this substrate.
In other words, mushrooms will not grow on the mushroom compost you get from a
garden center.
Q: How is the compost shipped to me?
A: We use the United States Postal Service, and UPS to ship mushroom compost,
whichever is cheapest. The mushroom compost is packaged in 10 pound filter patch
bags, and impulse sealed to make a contaminate-tight seal. Each 10 pounds of your
order is individually packaged so you wont have to open all of it at once.
The filter patch allows for gas exchange to keep the beneficial bacteria alive and
the harmful bacteria out.
Q: What type of mushrooms can I grow on your compost?
A: Any dung loving mushroom is ideal for our compost. Any mushroom which grows
in cow manure is an excellent choice.
Q: Exactly how do I use the compost once I get it?
A: See the instruction page HEREfor a step-by-step guide to using our compost and
our kits.
Q: Do I need to add water to the compost?
A: Adding water isn’t necessary,
but if for some reason it’s too dry, use DISTILLED water only

Q: Will I need to drainĀ  liquid from theĀ chamber at some time during the process?

A: Maybe…There is a small hole drilled near the bottom on one end.

Remove the tape to drain the liquid off, then replace the tape.




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  1. The $40 bag is High Mountain Gold and is formulated for growing medical marijuana. See page “High Mountain Gold” for details.
    The $45 bag is our reqular mushroom growing compost, specifically formulated for growing dung loving mushrooms

  2. TravisMay 10, 2017 @ 12:39 am

    Is the $45 dollar compost and the $40 dollar hmm both for mushrooms or which one is meant for it?

  3. Our rye berries are sterilized and will keep very well in a refrigerator.

  4. JohnyMay 11, 2016 @ 6:42 pm

    I would like to place an order soon, I would like to get the box of 15 1/2lb bags of rye- being that they will not all be used at once, what kind of shelf life do they have?

  5. Aged 60-90 days, depending on ambient temperature.
    It is then steam pasteurized in 500 lb batches for 12 hours to 175F.

  6. How is your compost prepared? How long is it aged?

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